Reliable and Secure Blockchain Validation Services

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Spectrum Staking offers a growing range of non-custodial Proof-of-Stake blockchain staking services and aims to enable our stakers to earn assured rewards on their digital assets.

Our validation services are managed by a team of highly-experienced SRE professionals with over 30 years of cumilative systems engineering and IP networking experience. Deep technical expertise and experience working on mission-critical infrastructure in top Silicon Valley tech companies allows us to maintain high availability and security of our advanced blockchain infrastructure and remain on the cutting edge of blockchain ecosystem development.

Our methods

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In-depth understanding of supported blockchains and validator operation principles.

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Adherance to IT systems security practices

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Robust monitoring and alerting system

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24x7 pager duty with alert response SLO of 15 minutes

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Secure key management and configuration backup practices, as well as version control

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Proactive resource and capacity planning

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Mainnet Services

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Commission: 7%

Single tenant in DDoS-protected secure datacenter running on custom-built high-end hardware.

Oasis Protocol

Commission: 17%

Supporing Cipher and Sapphire confidentiality paratimes.


Commission: 2%

Cyber Bostrom

Commission: 10%

Network genesis participant and proud validator of Cyber Congress!

Gravity Bridge

Commission: 10%

Network genesis participant


Commission 10%

Network genesis participant

Commission: 90%


Commission: 5%

Uptick Network

Commission: 9%

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Testnet Services

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AIT2 and AIT3 TestNet participant.

SSV Network

Verified Operator


Smooth Operator!